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My name is Ray and for many years I have enjoyed cross-stitch embroidery, in particular I enjoy embroidering magical and mythical designs.

I confess that I am a rather reluctant blogger but I have recently been invited to be a guest member of the Crafty Boots Design Team. It is a great honour to be invited to work with this very talented team and I thank them for this opportunity.

Why not check-out this amazing team of designers for yourself and hop across to the Crafty Boots Challenge blog.

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Monday, 31 October 2011

Time for a Bubble Bath, Piglet

I should like to welcome everyone who has found their way to my blog via the Crafty Boots Challenge Blog.

The challenge for the next two weeks is "Young at Heart", this can be anything that reminds you of childhood.  I have chosen Winnie the Pooh, I think most people have an affection for the bear of very little brain, who is bothered by long words, I certainly do!


  1. Ray, congratulations on your guest designer spot at Crafty Boots! You have such a talent for cross stitch! I used to stitch but was never this patient and so found paper and glue better for my need for an "instant crafty fix"! I am full of admiration and think I should regain a little paitence!!!

  2. Welcome to the crafty boots family Ray! Love your work! I simply do not have the patience for embroidary and admire those that do! Congratulations on your blog! You say you're a reluctant blogger, but you'll get addicted! I find it's lovely to get sone feedback from likeminded crafters! Now a follower so look forward to seeing more of your work!! Amyx

  3. Woop Woop!! Welcome to the Crafty Boots team!!! Glad I finally managed to twist your arm!! Next stop.... TWITTER!!! :) xxx